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my favourite trio


my favourite trio

"Waterbending is based on a style of T’ai chi ch’uan, specifically the Yang style. It is a Chinese martial art that features slow movements and elegant forms that evoke the feel of flowing water. Like tai chi, a waterbender’s main advantage is the ease with which he or she can control his or her opponent, not simply harming them. Like a practitioner of tai chi, a waterbender can typically find that softness and breathing are more effective for his or her ability than hard aggression.”

The Hung Gar style of kung fu is the main influence for earthbending; they both feature heavily rooted stances and punches that evoke the mass and power of the earth. Hung Gar itself parallels animal movements such as the tiger’s hard blows and the crane’s affinity to landing gracefully on the earth. — Concepts such as listening, reacting, balancing attacks, defense, and drawing power from a stable lower body are important elements in earthbending.

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Firebending moves are based mainly on the Northern Shaolin style of kung fu. Aspects of the firebending combat style can be seen through the similar emphasis on highly technical kicking strikes, fundamentally strong movements, and the usage of swift, direct maneuvers. Northern Shaolin is an external style that uses long, aggressive techniques that explode and drive through the opponent. This style emphasizes “kicking over hand fighting”, or prioritizing one’s legwork as opposed to the arms. A few techniques from Northern Seven Star Praying Mantis are also prominent. These feature quick, successive attacks that utilize momentary bursts of extreme power, much like an explosion, called ging lik. It optimizes a strong continuous offense, sacrificing defense for greater power, the principle behind a pre-emptive strike, and as such, firebending is categorized as the most aggressive of the four bending arts.

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Airbending is based on the Baguazhang style of martial arts, also known as “circle walking” or “Eight Trigram Palm”. Baguazhang involves “smooth coiling and uncoiling actions”. Such moves employ dynamic footwork, throws, and hand techniques. These martial arts feature swift, evasive maneuvers that evoke the intangibility and explosive power of wind; drawing energy from the center of the abdomen. Maneuvers employ the entire body with smooth coiling and uncoiling movements, utilizing dynamic footwork, open-hand techniques, punches, and throws. A common tactic is to maneuver behind an opponent and mirror their movements, preventing them from turning to face the practitioner.

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good things to tell yourself everyday

❁ i am worthy
❁ i am more than my appearance
❁ i am loved
❁ i am cared for
❁ i am strong
❁ i am beautiful
❁ i am a good person
❁ i am allowed to get rid of the toxic people in my life
❁ my body does not define me
❁ i deserve respect
❁ i deserve good things
❁ i do not need to justify my actions
❁ and most importantly, i can get through anything.

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LIVE ACTION DC POWER COUPLES | Superman and Lois Lane, Batman and Catwoman, Green Arrow and Black Canary, Aquaman and Mera, Flash and Iris West, Green Lantern and Carol Ferris

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All old people know each other. Don’t you know that? 

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It’s the way she casually picks up her heels after beating the shit out of everyone in the room.

I can never not reblog this scene. It’s my favourite thing.

And how Whedon didn’t need to erase her femininity to have her being kick-ass.

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cat selfies

i s2g

There’s so much more to you than you know.

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I was  t r y i n g  to fool slade.


You can be better. Because you can inspire people.



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